• 1. Please read all safety information and signs including the full pools Safety Information, please also follow the lifeguards’ instructions.
      2. Wearing of jewellery – In the interests of health and safety and in order to prevent possible spoiling, jewellery should not be worn in the pools, or on the slides and attractions.
      3. Always keep an eye on your children, they are still your responsibility, lifeguards cannot watch every single Guest in the Waterpark constantly.
      4. Ffunmax Waterpark, including all surrounding areas, foyers and changing facilities, will be wet underfoot, please therefore ensure that you are always aware of your surroundings and use handrails where available e.g. stairways and ramps……strictly no running. Additionally, please ensure you take care when entering and exiting all slides and attractions as, by the very nature of waterslides, they can be slippy.
      5. For your safety, do not ride the slides if you have certain disabilities, impairments or if you are pregnant. N.B. by the very nature of slide riding (especially if you do not follow all safety information), you may get bumped around or come off your tube. Sandcastle Waterpark therefore does not accept liability for injury caused by non-negligent acts.
      6. Children who are weak or non-swimmers must wear, as a minimum, double chambered armbands.
      7. Babies should only be taken into the water for short time periods e.g. 5-10 minutes initially, due to loss of body heat. Very young babies should not be taken into the water.
      8. Please ensure babies and young children who have not been toilet trained wear swim nappies. Babies and young children suffering from diarrhoea should be kept out of the water.
      9. To help keep our pool water to a high standard please ensure you have a pre-swim shower.
      10. All riders, especially younger children, must be capable of holding on to their tube and must have the strength to keep their bottoms off the slide surface to prevent injury.
      11. To avoid injury riders must all be able to move their bodies in all planes of motion and accept the inherent risks in slide riding.